Activities of the members – Elisa Marazzi

Elisa Marazzi will present her new book Libri per diventare italiani. L’editoria per la scuola a Milano nel secondo Ottocento at the Palazzo Moriggia in Milano the 4th. May.

This presentation will be followed by a discussion with Maria Luisa Betri, Giorgio Chiosso and Giogio Montecchi. Coordinated by Lodovica Braida, this event is open to everybody. invito_sc_marazzi_digitHere is an abstract of the book: Shaping the knowledge of the future citizens through school was one of the main aims of the Italian leading classes after the unification. Textbooks were a great ally in that sense, since they usually were the only book read by everybody. Publishers took advantage of this political and pedagogic need, as shown by this research on primary and printed sources (publishers’ catalogues). The history of the most important Milanese schoolbook publishers is presented focusing on the typical editorial strategies of the late 19th: book series and the publication of books and newspapers/journals by the same publisher. The study also reflects on the late affirmation, in Italy, of a proper children’s literature, different from educating and edifying books. Furthermore it reflects on how Milanese schoolbooks publishers, usually neglected by such studies in reason of the pedagogic tradition in Piedmont and Tuscany, were able to combine market and didactics in their work.

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