MAY 27-29 2015 Le Mans – Workshop ANR P-RECIHC – The Program

Please, find below the program of the Workshop ANR P-RECIHC

MAY 27:

14:00 – 15:30 : Welcome –Membersrecap- Objectives, extantresearch and broadlines of actions (B. Ouvry-Vial)


16:00-18:30 : Databaseissues (1) (S. Towheed, F. Vignale, G. Michelin) SEE DATABASE session schedule

20:00 : Dinner(Takayanagi, le Mans)

MAY 28 :

09:00-10 :30: Database issues (2) (S. Towheed, F. Vignale, G. Michelin)- SEE DATABASE session schedule


10:45-12:30 : Petr Pisa& Michael Wögerbauer- Summary on Europeancensorship issues ; WGS potential issues

 12:30-13:50: Lunch Break (Informal discussion on potentialEuropean Cultures Master Program- F. Laurent ; S. Servoise);

14:00-16:00: Thematicsession(1)Reading as Playing–Case studies(F. Orestano ; N. Esposito ; MacuArmedillo)


16:30-18:00 : Thematic session (2)- Reading as Playing/ Gaming- Keynote(MiladDoueihi) and discussion

19:00 : Dinner (Takayanagi, Le Mans)

MAY 29 :

09:00-10:30: H2020 criteria and demands (A. Sonntag)  Guest-case study- Otherfundingpossibilities


10:45-11:30 : WG meetings or potential issues (adjacent lecture rooms, groundfloor)

General Planning

11:40-12:30ClosingReception- Vice-Pdt for International Relations – CieLBldg on Campus

The main objectives of the meeting are:

–          Reviewthe Action’s 2 main objectives (cf.submission file)

–          Assess a framework of collaboration (forum Apereo, WGs, Regionalclusters…)

–          IdentifyERC & National relevant extantresearch&research programs

–          Pinpoint relevant scientific and societalfocuses;

–          Planifycontributions to the Database and activitiesdirectlyrelated to the objectives.



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