Report of the Workshop ANR P-RECIHC by Matthew Rubery

Photos 29 mai 2015 003Photos 29 mai 2015 004Photos 29 mai 2015 005Photos 29 mai 2015 006Photos 29 mai 2015 007Photos 29 mai 2015 010Photos 29 mai 2015 011Photos 29 mai 2015 012Photos 29 mai 2015 013Photos 29 mai 2015 014Delegates from ten European countries gathered in Le Mans last month for Workshop ANR P-RECIHC (Reading in Europe: Contemporary Issues in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives). The presentations covered everything from data management to censorship, translation, and computer gaming. In between sessions, the networking continued over coffee, lunch, and dinner at Takayanagi restaurant. On Saturday night, the group had a chance for informal conversation during a stroll around the stunning Cathedrale de Saint-Julien de Mans and cocktails on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Cité Plantagenêt. Who knew that the Le Mans nightlife rivalled Paris? On the final day, a reception organized by the University sent the guests back to their home countries with the taste of Le Mans’ famed white wine on their lips.

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