Activities of the members: Lodovica Braida’s seminar

Everyone is warmly welcomed to the session « Silences d’auteur: anonymat au XVIIIe siècle » which will take place at the University of Le Mans, the 1st of October. Lodovica Braida, full professor at the University of Milano will speak about Giuseppe Parini and Miguel de Cervantes.

For more information, please, click on that link: Séminaire Lodovica Braida

1 réflexion sur « Activities of the members: Lodovica Braida’s seminar »

  1. Sounds like an excellent lecture and topic! For those of us who could not attend but are interested in Professor Braida’s talk, did anyone keep notes and is willing to post a little summary in English? It would be much appreciated, I am sure.

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