Upcoming exhibition « How we read: a sensory history of books for Blind People »

We’re delighted to invite you to our upcoming exhibition, “How We Read: A Sensory History of Books for Blind People”: http://www.howweread.co.uk/

This will be a free exhibition exploring the history of assistive technologies that have been designed to help blind people read. From raised print to talking books and optophones, a fascinating array of historic artefacts will be on display from museums and other centres dedicated to preserving the heritage of blindness. There will also be a series of hands-on activities, interactive workshops, and live performances allowing visitors to try out for themselves alternative ways of reading.

The exhibition runs from 17-23 November 2014, with a special reception and other events planned for Saturday November 22. Full details can be found on the website. Please do let us know if you would like to attend the events on Saturday.

The exhibition is part of the Being Human Festival (http://beinghumanfestival.org/), the UK’s first national festival of the humanities.

Please contact us for more information: Heather Tilley (Birkbeck, University of London) h.tilley@bbk.ac.uk; et & Matt Rubery (Queen Mary, University of London) m.rubery@qmul.ac.uk

Reading in Europe

Ce carnet de recherche concerne les pratiques de lecture en Europe depuis le 18e siècle. Il s’interroge sur les conditions matérielles du livre, dans une perspective comparatiste et historiciste. Plus précisément, il va aider à l’élaboration d’une base de données sur les pratiques de lecture dans l’idée de mettre en relation les pratiques culturelles, avec les techniques éditoriales et de diffusion pour comprendre l’impact du livre et de la lecture sur la formation du citoyen.