Minutes of the meeting « WG5 Digital Support Group- EU-RED Development » (Paris, 19/12/2014)

As part of the project P-RECIHC, a meeting took place December 19, 2014 to discuss the future European Reading Experience Database (EU-RED).

On this occasion Gauthier Michelin was introduced as the DB Engineer (Welcome Gauthier!). Based in Le Mans, on the university campus, he willdevelop the database under the local supervision of François Vignaleand within WG5, coordinated by ShafquatTowheed.

Members of the network who participated in the one-day workshop are: E. Candel, P. Chasseray-Peraldi, S. Dumouchel (by skype), G. Gomez-Mejia, B. Ouvry-Vial, N. Richard, S. Towheed, F. Vignale; and a guest, Mathieu Simonnet, who briefly presented a recent experiment with hospital patients asked to write about their teens on notebooks and the possible developments of that experiment.

The EU-RED is inspired by and shaped after the model of the UK-RED (http://www.open.ac.uk/Arts/reading/UK/), directed by ShafquatTowheed (Open University). But the template of the UK-RED needs refreshment and technological updates, it focuses on British reading testimonies only, and on written testimonies. The ANR main objective is therefore to develop a Pan-European database with new functionalities more fitted to new technological tools and uses, and incorporating all sorts of documents and ressources (written, visual, videos, surveys etc…).

To build the layout of this database, a series of questions needs to be asked (to all network members), regarding: Data fields? Languages: at least 3 main languages: French, English and…? More? Types of documents (format, characteristics)?Data protection? Future uses foreseen for the DB ?

To answer these questions, and many other questions… network membersare requested to send material asap, to prepare the mock up DB in advance of next General meeting (May 2015 in Le Mans):

_ Examples of data to be used as a test corpus or samples for a mock up or primary database?

_ Examples of uses or questions for future exploitation of the database

_Key Pieces of information about their working group and/or research project (reading conception, reading evaluation, reading practices, nation, cultural practices, type of reading, results of surveys, etc.).

All answers on this matter, document, comment, suggestion or idea will be shared on a private shared work space to be released soon through the network mailing list.

This meeting has also defined the two main objectives of the next GM, open to all members of the network (answer requested by doodle) and for which a specific program will soon be released.

Brigitte Ouvry-Vial, Program coordinator