Activities of the members – Elisa Marazzi

Elisa Marazzi will present her new book Libri per diventare italiani. L’editoria per la scuola a Milano nel secondo Ottocento at the Palazzo Moriggia in Milano the 4th. May.

This presentation will be followed by a discussion with Maria Luisa Betri, Giorgio Chiosso and Giogio Montecchi. Coordinated by Lodovica Braida, this event is open to everybody. invito_sc_marazzi_digitHere is an abstract of the book: Shaping the knowledge of the future citizens through school was one of the main aims of the Italian leading classes after the unification. Textbooks were a great ally in that sense, since they usually were the only book read by everybody. Publishers took advantage of this political and pedagogic need, as shown by this research on primary and printed sources (publishers’ catalogues). The history of the most important Milanese schoolbook publishers is presented focusing on the typical editorial strategies of the late 19th: book series and the publication of books and newspapers/journals by the same publisher. The study also reflects on the late affirmation, in Italy, of a proper children’s literature, different from educating and edifying books. Furthermore it reflects on how Milanese schoolbooks publishers, usually neglected by such studies in reason of the pedagogic tradition in Piedmont and Tuscany, were able to combine market and didactics in their work.

May 27th-29th – Next meeting for the network members

On May 27th-29th: ANR P-RECIHC/ Reading in Europe network members will meet in Le Mans for a workshop. The main objectives of the meeting are:
–        To review the Action’s 2 main objectives (cf. ANR submission file) and relevant extant research.
–        To  assess a framework of collaboration (forum Apereo, WGs, Regional clusters…)
–        To identify ERC & National research programs suitable for proposals
–        To pinpoint relevant scientific and societal focuses;
–        To planify contributions to the Database and activities directly  related to the objectives;

Precise schedule available upon request to the program coordinator: Brigitte.ouvry-vial[at]

Activities of the members – Will Slauter

On Tuesday, April 28, at 5:00 PM, Will Slauter—a Lecturer in English and American Studies at the University of Paris 8 – Saint Denis, and current AAS-NEH Long-term Fellow—will present a seminar paper titled « Copyright and Credit: Understanding Reprinting in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers and Magazines ».  This talk is part of the annual series of regional academic seminars organized by AAS in partnership with the history departments at Brown University, Clark University, and the University of Connecticut. It will take place at the Society’s Goddard Daniels House, located at 190 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609.  There will be refreshments provided before the paper. If you plan to attend, please notify Paul Erickson at AAS ( no later than Friday, April 24. For directions to AAS, please visit the Society’s website at

Activities of the members – Brigitte Ouvry-Vial and Jiri Travniczek

Brigitte Ouvry-Vial and Jiri Travniczek attended the Ist Working Groups meeting of Cost Action E-READ ( in Ljubjlana, Slovenia, April 8-10 2015. Focused on digital and contemporary reading processes, this action mainly gathers scholars in Information and Media Studies, Technology, Neurosciences, experimental Psychology, Sociology with so far, except for a few SHARP members,  limited interest or expertise in historical perspectives on reading practices. Still, discussions were open, the range of approaches quite large, and may lead to further valuable insights for the EU-RED project. Brigitte and Jiri will report on their respective WGS sessions and overall feedbacks in Reading in Europe next workshop (Le Mans, May 27-29).

[CultureNumerique] [Etudes] Sélection mars 2015

Here is a selection of French studies and reports about reading practices in France, gathered by Jean-Christophe Théobalt, Chargé de mission numérique, Ministère de la culture et de la communication: